YHL is in the houzz…

Last week we were lucky enough to attend a really fabulous event here in Atlanta…YHL was in the house!!!  John & Sherry from the fabulous blog Young House Love finished up their book tour on a ridiculously rainy and cold Atlanta afternoon.  We were SO pumped to be able to meet these two and chat with them about their super successful blog and book that has just come out!  {if you have not flipped thru their book…DO IT…its a must have in your DIY and crafting arsenal!}  A little rain and wind was not about to stop us!!  So we armed ourselves with lots of layers, umbrellas and some nice warm drinks from nearby West Egg Cafe {also a must try if you are ever in the ATL}.



Now when I say a ridiculously rainy and cold afternoon…I mean it.  Literally the day before this it was like 65 degrees and sunny.  So needless to say, some of us were not so prepared for the chill in the air {hence the latest fashion trend pictured below…}  After about 30 minutes or so in the freezing cold wind tunnel…poor girl’s toes just couldn’t take it!  Thankfully there is a Lululemon down the street that just happened to have a warm pair of socks waiting for her.  Cute look huh?!?


The cold and chills wore off quickly when we got inside and made our way to meet and greet with John and Sherry.  They are so welcoming and so easy to talk to we just started chatting away.


In preparation for their visit to Atlanta, I put together a little “welcoming” present.  Sherry has a mild obsession with ceramic animals {who can blame her…they are awesome} so in honor of that I crafted up a little shadow box of faux ceramics just for them!  {tutorial for this favorite things shadow box coming your way soon or for a sneak peek check out the HSE post at Burlap+Blue}  Here’s hoping this little guy finds a special little place in their home!



John & Sherry not only have a precious little girl, Clara, they also have a fiesty little Chihuahua that Layla is just in love with {I promise…she tells me all the time}  She would not let me leave the house without this sweet little valentine she put together for their fur baby, Burger. {its a doodle bug…from a doodle bug…get it}  I’m pretty sure they would be a match made in heaven…don’t you think?!


As I mentioned, they are so welcoming and easy to talk to we just started chatting away which apparently leads to me making very odd faces {what?!?}  But weird faces and all it was such a blast to finally meet the folks behind the magic!




As an added perk to an already fabulous evening we spent a little time chatting with Katie & Jeremy from the fabulous blog Bower Power!!  First off Katie looks fantastic {for those that don’t know she had a sweet baby boy recently} and is just completely hilarious.  We threatened to leave the kids with Jeremy and scoop her up for a few glasses of wine {better watch out Jeremy…its gonna happen}.


After all the excitment we headed over to West Egg Cafe for a few glasses of wine and some yummy grub!  Overall, a lovely evening!  Huge thanks to the lovely John & Sherry from Young House Love and Jeremy & Katie from Bower Power for a fabulous evening {and for a great excuse to have an always needed ladies night!}


Be sure to check out their rockin’ blog Young House Love as well as their family blog Young House Life.  Jump on over to amazon RIGHT NOW and order their book, Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love.  And check out Katie’s fabulous blog Bower Power too!!

Lots of love to you crafty kids
~ Jillian

{big thanks to Sarah for being our event photographer and for capturing all the good times}

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