5 Things Fall: Brittany’s Favorites

It’s finally here!!!  Fall has officially begun…and the ladies of HSE can barely contain themselves!!  So to celebrate this lovely season we will be sharing with you some of our most favorite things of Fall.  To kick it off…Brittany’s got her top 5 fall favs…Enjoy!

Fall, glorious Fall!  It is finally here.  I have missed this time of year, especially after the dreadful heat and humidity of Summer in the Southeast.  Though, my love for Fall extends far beyond the cooler temperatures.  So without further delay, a few of my favorite parts of Fall….

1.  The colors

I love the feeling I get the first time I’m driving down the street and see the first pops of yellow, orange and red in the trees.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the emergence of the flowers in the Spring too.  But the explosion of the rich, warm colors of Fall are just gorgeous!

2.  Hiking

If you have followed Her Split Ends for a while, then you probably remember that I hiked my way across California and Arizona during my honeymoon.  {You can read more about that adventure here and here}  My husband and I love to get outdoors, away from the chaos and traffic of city life and enjoy some fresh air, exercise and the beauty of nature.   Fall really is the best time to get out and enjoy hiking, in my opinion.  The cooler temperatures make the exercise part bearable and the colors of the foliage are beautiful.

We live not far from the north Georgia mountains and the southern termination point of the Appalachian Trail.  In addition to access to the AT, there are numerous trails of all difficulty levels.  Located near the AT is one of my favorite spots in north Georgia, Amicalola Falls!  Amicalola Falls is a gorgeous 729 foot waterfall, the tallest cascade in the Southeast {see above photo}.   Amicalola Falls hold a special place in my heart because it is the location where my husband proposed!  Other enjoyable hikes near Atlanta include Cloudland Canyon, Tallulah Gorge and Panther Creek.

3.  Anything and everything with pumpkin!

My love for pumpkin began at a young age.   In the form of pumpkin pie, of course!  I just couldn’t get enough of the stuff, between Thanksgiving and Christmas.   Several years ago, I discovered the Pumpkin Spice Latte, from Starbucks.   This delightful cup of heaven is such a treat and provided me with the pumpkin flavor from September through late Winter!  And, thanks to Pinterest, my borderline addiction to pumpkin can really be satisfied this year!  Check out all of these pumpkin recipes:

Pumpkin Spice Coffee CreamerPumpkin Cream Cheese Bread, Pumpkin Smoothie & Creamy Pumpkin Risotto

#4  Fashion – Warm comfy clothing

I love Fall fashion!  I love all of the rich jewel-tones and the warmth of a Fall wardrobe.   I can’t wait to break out my warm, comfy sweaters, boots, cardigans and scarves!  You can really get some mileage out of your wardrobe {casual and office attire} by layering basics and adding in color and patterns with scarves, a great blazer and belts.

#5  Apple picking with my hubby

Last year, my husband and I went on an early Fall hike near Amicalola Falls.  After the hike, we were not quite ready to leave the beautiful surroundings of the north Georgia mountains {or hills, as the hubby refers to them}.  On the recommendation of a ranger, we drove west toward Jasper, to pick apples!  I had been to pick-your-own blueberry and strawberry farms in the past, but never apple picking.  We had a really good time!  We ended up at Reece Apple Orchards, which was far less crowded, but did not disappoint with varieties of apples and activities for people of all ages.  The main barn had samples of each variety, bags of apples for sale (picked ahead of time) and an assortment of apple goodies (apple cider, apple fritters, apple danishes, etc.) to enjoy during your visit.  They also had a petting farm and an apple cannon – fun for the kids!

Other pick-your-own orchards in north Georgia include Hillcrest Orchards, Red Apple Barn and Mercier Orchards.  Prices vary somewhat at each of these orchards, so check out their websites for more details.  Some charge an entry fee to the orchard, in addition to the cost of the apples.  Also be sure to check the harvest dates, so you are able to plan your trip around the harvest dates for your favorite apple varieties.

We thoroughly enjoyed picking apples and plan to go back a couple of times this year.  The apples had much more flavor than store bought apples and seemed to stay fresh much longer.  Which was good, because we picked a ton!  I found a few apple recipes that I would like to try with the bounty of apples that we pick this year:

Apple Pie DipCrock Pot Apple Butter & Baked Oatmeal with Apples and Cinnamon

Now, it is your turn!  Do YOU have any hikes (in Georgia, the Southeast or beyond!) that you enjoy and would recommend to others?  Any favorite pumpkin or apple recipes?  What do you love most about Fall?

~ Brittany

4 thoughts on “5 Things Fall: Brittany’s Favorites

    • My husband and I visited Yosemite on our honeymoon! Unfortunately, we did not have the time to do the Half Dome hike. We plan to go back one day though!

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