who’s got the Herb

Who’s got the Herb?!  Not that kind of herb silly…we are talking rosemary, basil, cilantro {my personal fav} & parsley.  The kind of herbs {pronounced heeeeer-bs} you cook with.  We are currently trying to grow our own little herb garden to not only cook with but to include in our daily smoothies {more on the smoothies and why I ♡ my Blender coming soon}.  Right now our little mini herb garden is in a bunch of random pots just hanging out on the back porch, which is jut not gonna cut it, so i felt the need to search for a little Herb Housing inspiration!!

How AMAZING are these wall hanging wood boxes?!?  I can barely stand how much i love them.  Now i just need to decide what wall in my house to put them on!!! LOVE lOve loVe…Love love!!

{Burlap & Blue}

Use an old hanging fruit basket for your herb collection…how brilliant is that!

Um…i think i just died and went to herb container heaven?!?!  A wall of herbs…one question though…how do you get to those lovely green beauties at the top there?  hmmm…

Combine all those herbs into one tiered arrangement.  Great way to grow them in a tight space AND with the combo of different sized galvanized pots, not only does it look fabulous you can accomplish this look on a budget!!

{The Vintage Wren}

Recycle that old over the door canvas shoe holder {or in my case…scarf holder} for your herb garden.

Indoor wall of herbs, right at your fingertips in the kitchen.  LOVE…and what a great way to bring some functional green inside!

{Design Squish}

Found anything that you just MUST try??  I will report back on the status of my herbal inspiration journey soon {as soon as i can make up my mind}.  Have you tried any creative and crafty ways to grow your favorite herbs?  Any herb growing tips??  Bring them on…this “new to gardening” girl can use all the help she can get!!

Happy Herbing

~ Jillian

3 thoughts on “who’s got the Herb

  1. Love the ideas. How do you waterproof the wall design, canvas bag or fruit basket? Otherwise when you give them a good watering, the excess will be on the floor.

    • Don’t you just love these!! I’ve read a few tutorials that suggest that black landscapers fabric to line. I suppose if you are doing the basket outside it wouldn’t matter but definitely for an inside installation!! Maybe an herb container crafting day in our future?!


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