Tie it up

As previously stated…I probably own more scarves then most people own socks.  I wear them all seasons (except the REALLY hot ones), wear them with casual outfits, to work, to fancy things…sometimes even with pi’s! Now please don’t judge, most of these have been given to me or made for me by some of my most wonderful and talented loved ones!

Now scarves come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes…the long skinny ones…the chunky knit ones…the silk square ones…the large wrap ones.  So with all these different types {and the fact that i wear them…oh i don’t know…all the time}  you’ve got to have some different Tying techniques to keep them looking fresh and stylish!!  Here are a few of my favorite ties of the “moment”

European Loop

  • Fold your scarf in half; so you have a loop on one end & two “loose ends” on the other end; place scarf around your neck
  • Pull both of the loose ends thru the loop; then tighten & adjust

Modern Loop

  • Drape scarf around your neck; one end longer then the other
  • Wrap the longer end all the way around our neck; creating a loop with two ends all in the front of your body
  • Adjust & fluff the loop

Figure Eight {a.k.a. Twist & Pull}

  • Fold your scarf in half; so you have a loop on one end & two “loose ends” on the other end; place scarf around your neck (same as the first step for European Loop)
  • Holding the loop end open; pull one of the loose ends thru the loop
  • After you pull the 1st end thru; twist the loop once and then feed the 2nd loose end thru
  • Adjust and fluff the figure eight “knot” as needed

DIY Infinity

  • Drape scarf around your neck
  • Take the 2 loose ends and tie them together in a double knot {depending on the look you want and the type of scarf you can tie the knot right at the end of the scarf or further up with loose ends still showing…whatever you prefer}
  • Now you have created one giant loop {or “faux” infinity} so loop around your neck as many times as you want  *You can also tie two different scarves together for this one!!

There are literally unlimited ways to cozy yourself up with a scarf…so get to tying!  Got a few minutes…check out this scarf tying techniques video tutorial (also check out her blog Wendy’s Lookbook for all things fashion and fabulous).

Happy Scarfing

~ Jillian

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